Spa Treament for Children


Custom Massage

A scented oil of your choice—chocolate, bubblegum, cotton candy, eucalyptus tangerine, huckleberry or River H2O—and Swedish massage strokes quiet the mind to aid in relaxation and unwinding after a long day of activities. Hot towels applied to head, shoulders, knees and toes leave you completely calm, cool, collected—and ready to get back to the adventures at The Resort.

  • 30-minute treatment: $90
  • 45-minute treatment: $100

The Cub

Body Scrub Bar

Choose from an array of Brown Sugar Scrubs as part of this body bar treatment offered exclusively for kids and teens. Hand and foot treatments incorporate one of these scrubs made with indulgent, sense-enticing ingredients.

  • 15-minute treatment (hand or foot): $45
  • 30-minute treatment: $85
  • 60-minute treatment: $155

Dirty Dawg

Mineral Mud Wrap

This skin-detoxifying treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation Then, a mineral mud infused with a fragrant oil of your choice is applied over the body to tone and tighten skin. While the mud works its magic, enjoy a scalp massage from the therapist.

  • 45-minute treatment: $100
  • 60-minute treatment: $130


Cotton Candy Face Massage

Using Plantogen facial products, this relaxing treatment includes the application of a cleanser, scrub, mask and moisturizer.

  • 15-minute treatment: $55
  • 30-minute treatment: $110


Teen Face Massage

Using Osmia Organics products, this facial massage treatment will help reduce acne and dryness.

  • 15-minute treatment: $55
  • 30-minute treatment: $110

Little Paws

Hand and Foot Treatment

Designed to relieve the stress of overused smartphone fingers and overextended, travel-weary legs, this treatment begins with a therapist wrapping your hands and feet in warm towels before applying a scrub of your choice, followed by a light application of mud. After rinsing away the scrub and mud, organic body butter is applied with Swedish massage strokes to ease those worn-out appendages.

  • 15-minute treatment: $55
  • 30-minute treatment: $110

Melon Medley

Scalp Treatment

A delightful combination of avocado, grape seed, lime, lemon, watermelon and strawberry essential oils are rigorously massaged into the scalp.

  • 15-minute treatment: $50
  • 30-minute treatment: $85

Moose Drool

Candle Massage

You choose the scent of a Skinny Dip Montana- made candle and then the therapist lights the candle and uses this to massage the body.

  • 15-minute treatment: $90
  • 30-minute treatment: $100


Paraffin Treatment

The therapist will brush on wax to your hands and/ or feet. This warm wax helps with dryness and inflammation of joints—plus it’s fun! We then peel off the wax and a moisturizer is applied.

  • 15-minute treatment: $50
  • 30-minute treatment: $85
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