Featured Distillers

Paws Up was pleased to welcome the following distilleries for Montana Master Grillers 2016. The 2017 guest distilleries will be announced soon.

Dulce Vida Organic Tequilas

Montana Master Grillers - Dulce Vida Tequila

Dulce Vida produces the only 100-proof organic tequilas in the world. The company’s tequilas, certified as 100 percent organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), are extremely drinkable and have praised as “hot and full of flavor . . . perfect straight up and in your favorite cocktail” by TEQUILA.net.

Although they are headquartered in Austin, Texas, Dulce Vida sources its tequila from the Los Altos highlands in the Tequila region of Mexico. This area is well known for producing larger, fruitier agave (ideal for tequila), because of the region’s unique climate characteristics and its fresh air and clean soil. The organic agave ensures that Dulce Vida makes tequila the way tequila has always tasted best: pure and powerful and free of any additives. The tequila is distilled in Mexico as well.

In its short market tenure, Dulce Vida has quickly become a highly decorated and recognized craft tequila, lending to the company’s claim to be the “Most Awarded Tequila” of all. Top honors have been earned from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the New York International Spirits Competition, the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, the SIP Awards and TEQUILA.net. Dulce Vida has also garnered first place medals from several recognized packaging associations.

RoughStock Distillery

Montana Master Grillers - RoughStock Distillery

RoughStock Distillery of Bozeman, Montana, is another featured distillery at Montana Master Grillers, and Paws Up’s appreciation for small-batch whiskeys is at an all-time high as a result. RoughStock became Montana’s first legal distillery since Prohibition when it opened in 2009 and the first to make whiskey in Montana in more than 100 years. With the beautiful grain grown throughout Montana and the pure mountain snowmelt in the state’s lakes, streams and rivers, it was a no-brainer that Montana was meant for making whiskey. Paws Up is overjoyed that RoughStock answered the call.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

WinterFest - Titos Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka will be a big part of Montana Master Grillers, and Paws Up couldn’t be more excited about that. Not only is Tito’s headquartered in Austin, Texas—a town known for its fabulous barbecue—Tito’s is also produced at the oldest legal distillery in Texas. The founder and owner of Tito’s, Tito Beveridge, came up with his award-winning recipe for vodka after years of experimentation and trial and error, and the company was literally built with his own hands (and his own money) from the ground up. Part of his goal was to make a vodka that was so smooth you could drink it straight, so the company utilized a process similar to that used to make high-end French cognacs and fine single-malt scotches. And that’s still the process that Tito’s uses today, producing vodka in small batches with old-fashioned pot stills and taste-testing every batch to make sure vodka lovers get the best vodka available. The process requires more skill and effort than others, but it’s well worth it.

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