The Four Seasons at Paws Up

  • Montana Winter Vacation at Paws Up
  • Montana Spring Vacation at Paws Up
  • Montana Fall Vacation at Paws Up
  • Montana Summer Vacation at Paws Up
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Nowhere does Mother Nature show off her extensive wardrobe better than in the wilds of Montana. Here, in this wilderness nirvana, every day brings new beauty. And every season brings change and wonder. Summer offers warm days that never seem to get dark. Fall brings a pageantry of gold, orange and fiery reds. Winter is a time for any sport that makes use of a land blanketed by white. And, of course, Spring is all about renewal with meadows exploding with wildflowers and rising rivers swollen with mountain runoff. No matter when you choose to venture to Paws Up, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Where You'll Stay

  • Where You'll Stay - Homes   
  • Where You'll Stay - Tents
Luxury homes are available year-round and come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your family or group perfectly.
Luxury tents are available from late May through early October and provide a unique and memorable experience for all.

Seasonal Highlights

  • Dale Levitski   
  • Dale Levitski
Vast menu of winter activities
Christmas/New Years celebration
Magical horse-drawn sleigh rides

Whitewater rafting adventures
Montana Master Grillers
Splendor of Montana in full bloom

  • Dale Levitski   
  • Dale Levitski
Unparalleled fly-fishing
Montana Master Chefs
Breathtaking Montana fall colors

Extensive list of summer adventures
July 4th celebration
Variety of outdoor dining options

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