Montana Long Table

Montana Long Table

The Ultimate Backyard BBQ

June 18, 2016

Montana Long Table in June

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than dining al fresco, under a big Montana sky. That is, until we decided to serve up the holiday alongside BBQ-U. The events came together like kismet, with two sensational grilling experts visiting from far-flung parts of the country, just to demonstrate how things are done.

So in June, join us for a heaping helping of a Montana Long Table event featuring Chefs Sam Huff and Danny Fischer, who, along with Chef Ben Jones, will create a five-star, finger-lickin’ menu in honor of all the dads out there.

Featured Chefs

Chef Sam Huff

Sam started out as a lawyer. He thought he’d just open a little take-out operation—a place to hold charitable events and prep for amateur barbecue cooking competitions. 12 years and countless pigs later, he owns a top-rated, award-winning restaurant, Sam’s BBQ-1 in Marietta, GA.

He never skimps, always using only handmade sauces and rubs and the highest quality meats. Zagat noticed and named his restaurant the best in Georgia, #3 in the country. Now, you be the judge.

Chef Danny Fischer

Raised by restaurant-owning parents, Danny’s versatility knows no bounds: “I went through a French cuisine phase, a Thai phase, wok phase, sushi phase, pizza phase, fine dining phase, you name it. The one thing I never got tired of was barbecue.”

At his restaurant, Baby Blues BBQ in Hollywood, CA, you’ll taste the flavors of Memphis, Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas. It’s always packed and always seems to rise to the top of those best-in-LA lists.

Chef Ben Jones

Naturally, our Paws Up Executive Chef will be rounding out the flavors with artistic cuisine, homemade with local ingredients.

To make reservations for any Montana Long Table event, call 877-588-6783 or chat with us.

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