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Steele Wines

Jed Steele, owner and winemaker of Steele Wines, has been involved in making wine in California for nearly 50 years. He started as a cellar worker at Stony Hill in Napa Valley in 1968 and then attended the University of California, Davis, to earn a master’s degree in enology. Steele then was involved in starting Edmeades in the Anderson Valley and, ten years later, Kendall-Jackson. Steele was at Kendall-Jackson for the first nine vintages that the wildly successful winery produced. He left the year the winery broke the million cases per year production mark. In 1991, Steele Wines was born.

During his career, Steele has produced wines from just about every top-quality wine region in the state, from Santa Barbara to Mendocino. The lineup of vineyards either owned by Steele or from which grapes are purchased has evolved slowly over the years to where Steele consistently draws on some of the finest vineyards in California. Jed Steele will attend Montana Master Chefs 2017 as a special guest.

“From viewing the actual number of wines we bottle, you might think that we are a large winery. However, this is not the case, as we specialize in many wines where the final bottling is less than 1,000 cases. This reflects my never-ending fascination with many different varietals and vineyard locations. This approach allows us to maintain the practice of true craftsmanship in the production of our small lot bottlings.”
—Jed Steele

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