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Featured Food and Beverage Purveyors

Amaltheia Organic Dairy. Belgrade, Montana.
Amaltheia Dairy has developed Chevre, Feta, and Ricotta cheeses, as well as a variety of flavored Chevres, such as Roasted Garlic and Chive, Spiced Pepper, Perigord Black Truffle and Sun-dried Tomato Chevre. Amaltheia Dairy sells 17 different products and has the capacity to produce 2,000 pounds of goat cheese a week.

Blacksmith Brewing Company. Stevensville, Montana.
The building that houses Blacksmith Brewing Company was built in 1908. It began as a steam laundry and later became a Blacksmith shop. With every brand the blacksmith made he would then burn it into the wall to make sure it was perfect. It took a great vision to see what it could become, and a lot of hard work. For seven months the current owners labored, and opened Blacksmith Brewing Company on Oct. 25, 2008. The brands still stand to show testament of all who passed this way.

Blue Willow Farm. Stevensville, Montana.
Organic cut flowers, dried flowers, perennial plants, fine culinary and medicinal herbs, and specialty edibles.

Le Petit Outré Bakery. Missoula, Montana.
Le Petit Outre's breads follow the time honored baking traditions of Europe. The breads are handcrafted using traditional methods and four basic ingredients: wheat flour, water, sea salt and yeast. LPO hearth breads are baked free form, directly on stone in a Fringand french deck oven weighing just over six tons.

Montana Natural Lamb. Big Timber, Montana.
Montana Natural Lamb is ranch-raised on land that has been in the family for generations. It is grass fed, grain finished, and hand selected to ensure a quality & flavor that is "Always Unforgettable".

Montgomery Distillery. Missoula, Montana.
Montgomery Distillery is a family business with roots five generations deep in Montana agriculture. The inspiration and ingredients for their spirits come from the Montana landscape but a love of small-batch spirits has taken them far and wide.

Rockport Hutterite Colony. Choteau, Montana.
With a long history of religious persecution these colonies now exist quietly in private farming communities all over the west and into Canada where they practice a deeply spiritual and non violent way of life. They hold themselves to a separate set of standards. Cleanliness is way of life here. Great importance is placed on the health of the land, the dirt, the grains and the natural water sources to ensure the animals get the best so they in turn can give their best to us.

Summit Beverage Company. Missoula, Montana.
Offering 840 wine brands from the finest producers around the world. They'll be providing various wines for tasting at Montana Long Table.

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