Montana Long Table

Montana Long Table

A Celebration of Montana's Culinary Resources

July 11, 2015

Montana Long Table July 2014

On July 11, join us for a beautiful midsummer evening as we celebrate Montana under its Big Sky. Enjoy live entertainment, captivating local personalities, fun activities and of course, gourmet food and spectacular wine. Our chef and his talented team will prepare a unique multi-course dinner using the finest local ingredients.

The Farmer's Market

Before dinner, participate in a true Montana Farmer’s Market. You’ll rub shoulders with the very purveyors who are contributing to the meal and learn about their heritage and passion for producing high-quality foodstuffs and beverages. Entertainment as well as food and beverage sampling will take place during this unique event.

The Music

Join us for a special concert by Scott Besaw and Scott Schaefer. Scott Besaw has been playing guitar and drums and singing at various Chicago hot spots for years. Scott Schaefer has enjoyed a notable presence on the Chicago music scene for two decades. He has been the lead singer for several indie rock outfits and is currently the label manager for Bloodshot Records.

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