Canvas Operations Manager

Oversee tent butlers, schedule butlers work weeks, order supplies (daily) for tent city and river camp, work with guest services and the concierge in order to prepare for guests arrivals, prepare the butlers for guest arrivals, meet guests at check-in, discuss guests daily with the butlers, manage and solve guest issues, oversee the cleaning of the pavilion and tents, visit with guests and be available for guest questions, inform food and beverage on numbers of guests eating meals at camps, update chef on camp cooks, and other various management responsibilities.

Essential Job Functions:
Most important function of the canvas ops managers is to ensure the happiness of every guest. In the mornings the canvas ops manager will go down to each camp and see how the guests are doing. Any issues that were brought up at the camps will be addressed at the managers meeting and action will be determined. Supplies will need to be ordered and dropped off. The canvas ops manager will go over all incoming guest’s itinerates with the concierge and meet the guests when they arrive. The canvas ops manager will coordinate between housekeeping, butlers, bell staff and the front desk to make sure the tents are ready for the guests and transportation is available. The canvas ops manager will report directly to the Director of Lodging.

Additional Responsibilities:
Attend manager socials with guests, help with bell staff and front desk when available

Educational Requirements

Required Experience and Skills
Independent worker, self motivated, responsible, customer service orientated, problem solving and time management, etc.

Knowledge of Computer Hardware or Software
Basic computer knowledge and keyboard skills.

Previous Experience Required
Management experience