Bell Captain

Job Description

Work with and supervise Bell Staff to provide a transcendent guest experience for resort guests as they are being shuttled between the airport and a Montana luxury resort as well as shuttled about on site. A transcendent guest experience is one that transcends the ordinary or average and creates a positive memory for the guests.

Essential Job Functions:

Additional Responsibilities:

Educational Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent.

Licensure/Permits Required:
Valid Driver's License with good driving record – no CDL required.

Required Skills:
Excellent leadership skills
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
Excellent guest service skills
Excellent problem solving and negotiating skills.
Attention to detail.
Advanced driving ability, including the ability to safely back a large vehicle down a curving, narrow driveway in the dark, with guests in the vehicle.

Knowledge of Computer Hardware or Software:
Excellent computer knowledge and keyboard skills.

Previous Experience Required:
Leadership experience.
Customer service or hospitality experience.
Some experience driving large vehicles.

Working Conditions:
This position will be performed in both an outdoor and indoor setting.
The duties of this position will be performed in vehicles, indoors, and outdoors.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to repeatedly carry 70 lbs 150 feet, up and down stairs, in hot weather.
Must be able to repeatedly lift 40 lbs.
Must be able to periodically run short distances.