Wagon Team Driving Lessons

Wagon Team Driving Activity

At Paws Up, you will journey into America’s adventurous past and have time to reflect on how idyllic life might have been before the railroads, cars, highways, and eventually airplanes accelerated the pace of life. What was it like before we merely climbed into a train, jumped into a car, or hopped into an airplane? What was it like to be satisfied when a full day’s journey was 15 miles?

Now you can experience the original form of wheeled travel, by learning to drive a wagon pulled by a team of horses. While you will not have to contend with the adversity of our pioneer ancestors, you will understand the skill and stamina needed to drive a team of horses under harness.

The perfect horses for your first Montana Teamster Experience are Pete and Repeat, our full-brother Norwegian Fjords. With them at your command, you will redefine your definition of “driving,” along with learning what Gee-Haw really means.

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